Innovative 3D Printed Solutions Extend to the Pedicle Screw

Englewood, CO – October 20, 2017 — Mighty Oak Medical announced today that it received its third Spine Technology Award from Orthopedics This Week. Mighty Oak is best known for its FIREFLY® Technology, which features concierge pre-surgical planning by trained engineers, an autoclavable bone model, predetermined screw sizing, surgeon-approved preselected trajectories, an intraoperative plan, and 3D printed patient-specific guides to mechanically constrain the drill and tap to follow the preselected trajectories. But Mighty Oak is a medical device development company that focuses on spine, and their third Spine Technology Award attests to their drive to innovate. While 3D printing in metal has become commonplace with cages, Mighty Oak has developed a 3D printed porous screw to address the problem of pedicle screw pullout. With the X-Caliber Porous Pedicle Screw, patients with osteoporosis can benefit from the adaptable mechanical characteristics that can improve screw purchase in low density bone, and patients requiring non-fusion stabilization can benefit from the screw’s osteo-integrative features that enable it to be a long-term anchor for dynamic stabilization techniques. It is not yet FDA-cleared.

According to Brent Ness, the Chief Operating Officer for Mighty Oak and former VP of Global Sales and Marketing for Medtronic Navigation: “Startups like Mighty Oak often lead the way in innovative approaches to persistent problems. They can be bold and nimble, which gives them an edge, and they can forge new paths that others may be reluctant to try. The X-Caliber Porous Screw is a perfect example of taking 3D printed implants to the next level.”

About Mighty Oak:
Mighty Oak Medical is a medical device development company focused on developing spinal technologies that improve operating room efficiencies, surgical outcomes, and the overall patient experience, by leveraging the talents of experienced surgeons and biomedical engineers. It has a robust patent portfolio and a pipeline of cutting-edge R & D projects. For more information, call 720-398-9703 or send an inquiry to